How to Make an International Call from Kenya

All the major mobile network providers in Kenya provide means to make international calls to various countries abroad. These type of calls are done differently from the local ones, and thus care should be taken when dialling to ensure a call reaches the intended destination.

First, for most countries, the format will vary depending on whether you’re calling a mobile number or a fixed line (landline) that uses a unique area codes. This is the case when calling Kenyan mobile and telephone numbers.

A few countries however use the same numbering format for mobile and landline numbers. The most notable country that uses this system is the United States. For such countries, you’ll have to use the same format in both instances.

Calling a Mobile Number

To call a mobile number, you’ll have to add the country code of the country followed by the mobile number. For example, to make a call to the UK, you would dial:

+44 7700 123456


  • +44 is the UK country code
  • 7700 123456 is the mobile number digits with the leading zero removed (actual number starts with a zero i.e 07700 123456)

An exhaustive list of country calling codes can be found here.

Calling a Landline

For a landline we likewise need to add the country code but this time round followed by the landline’s area code. For example, to make a call to a UK landline in London, you would dial:

+44 20 123 45678


  • +44 is the UK country code
  • 20 is the area code for London
  • 12345678 are the telephone number digits

Calling where Mobile and Landline Numbers are Similar

If you’re calling a country where the numbering plan is similar for landline and mobile numbers, you’ll have to add the area code for mobile numbers too, e.g. for a US number:

+1 669 123 4567


  • +1 is the US country code
  • 669 is the area code for California
  • 12345678 are the landline/mobile number digits

International Calling Rates

The calling rates will vary depending on the network one is using and the country where the call is destined.

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